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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

I hear of so many people looking for a "triad" with a unicorn because they think their love is so special it should be shared, that it quite frankly makes me want to wretch. Like the third is a puppy or something.... all relationship styles are hard work and life changing to anyone in them. Why not keep the definitions (such as triad or "V") as a tool to express what one wants rather than set it all in stone. It makes more sense to me to keep an open mind and stay true to our OWN paths (not co-dependent ones ) rather than inflict a definition on the whole thing from the get go.
This saddens me to hear you say that for me we have just found without that third person we feel something is missing that third makes us feel whole we would never treat someone in our relationship differently she is an equal in the relationship with an equal say and voice.

Sure maybe not at the beginning of the relationship but relationships are built on trust and once we feel she wont leave us for a "normal" relationship we will never let her go... we just want to find her and one day we hopefully will

We would never treat them "like a puppy" but maybe thats just who we are I have never met another "triad" relationship so I suppose i have no frame of reference.
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