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April will be 16 years since C and I became friends-and from day one we were damn near inseperable best friends. I took his virginity a year or two later and we've been close every since.

November will be 22 years since I met Maca.
March will be 12 years since we started dating.
July will be 11 years of marriage.

In both cases it's so awesome to be able to just look at something and know we share the same memory. That happens a lot watching Trinity. She's an odd combination of my oldest daughter and our youngest son. C helped me with raising my oldest and knew her well when she was Trin's age and of course they both were there when our son was little. So we watch her and she reminds us of these intimately happy family moments and I feel like it ties those knots just a little tighter with even a bigger smile.
It's like that with my sister too.
She's not biological. We met in 7th grade and later she became my foster sister, been a part of the family ever since. She and I are like that. I like knowing I can slide my feet under her butt on the couch if they are cold and she won't freak out, she'll just wiggle a little to get 'em comfy and rub my leg to warm it up. She won't even pause in conversation while she does it.
Sometimes other people think it's freaky-but we're just so close and in tune it just feels like maybe we're an extension of one another.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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