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Well I suppose anything is possible. Even though I haven't officially met him yet, I feel as though I know him. We are friends on Facebook, and have sent each other private messages a few times, generally about my Wife and our whole romantic situation. I would guess that he has never heard of the poly term, as I really didn't either until I googled it probably a month ago or so. But he did have a girlfriend in the past that he let her see other guys as well. So kind of role reversal for him now. I would also tell you that the times my wife has seen him, have all been sleepovers. Some one night, and a couple for 2 nights. So to me, whether it is in another state or at his place, I don't have a problem with it. And he has on more then one occasion asked her about coming over here, and us doing regular things all together. He really likes meeting people and doing new things from what I gather. So that is another clue that he prob won't go crazy or anything, lol. One last thing, without getting too graphic, lol...Is that the other day he had her call me while they were...Busy...he thought it was a big laugh. lol. I wasn't really expecting that but thought it was funny.

Anyway, to make a long story short, haha. I hope to meet him in August, but am so very comfortable with them doing anything in the mean time. But I do appreciate your thoughts
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