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Talking Hi I'm Josh and this is Christy and we are Poly

Heya everyone we are new to the poly community but not so new to the poly lifestyle. We are a fun romantic couple just trying to find love!

I must admit I was surprised when I first heard the phrase polyamorous I was in shock that there was even a word to describe my wife and my lifestyle! got so excited for the opportunity to meet other people I hopped on and found this site!

I am 26yrs old and my beautiful wife is 23yrs old! We have been together for 12yrs and have been married for 3yrs. We have never had a breakup! We used to just meet girls in bars however now we are hoping to find a serious relationship with a girl that wants to be with the both of us.

We just got out of a serious relationship (the gf decided to be with a mono gentleman instead of us *yuckie*) but we licked our emotional wounds and are ready to get back on that horse! Any advice for a poly couple looking for a longterm relationship with a female?
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