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In the past has your wife generally gotten what she wants..... Things around the house, vacations etc??? Does she not know what's at stake.....could she be playing a very dangerous game of chicken....some people don't learn without loss. Hate to say my wife is like that.

I had similar conversations about what a partnership means.... Love means....I said many times that under her new definition/ explanation it looked more like a room mate type relationship.....not a partnership....respect, like//love one other but free to do...come and go as needed....

I was asked by my wives therapist to come to a few sessions and I know from the facial expression that what I was saying was very different to what was being told to her. So I recommend going and laying out the down side to what's been going on. meaning she goes off has her thing in the process destroys her entire family....which later can't come back from.

Footnote: My wife "NOW" wants her old boring pathetic unsatisfied life back....she want everyone to jump in some time machine or something....
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