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I know I'm panicking too much...I'm just afraid it will all fall apart. M is a great person and H and her are perfect for each other. She has told me that she never realized how much she wanted to get married and have kids till she fell in love with H. I would be absolutely fine with them having kids and would do everything i could to help make things easier. She is having a lot of trouble dealing with the isolation that has come from everyone finding out. She is a private mono type anyway and only has eyes for H. They have been friends for some time but has only been really dating for about 8 months i think. I know it is such a short time but anyone with eyes can see how much they belong together. M and I get along great and love to sit and laugh with each other. I am a talker and like to share how I am feeling. She is more of a not talk about things and just push them down out of the way kinda girl. She has had a pretty sheltered life and hasn't had to deal with much emotion in several years before now. I can see how strong she is but sometimes when everything she has pushed down starts to surface she has a melt down. Of course she only does this when she is alone because talking and dealing with feelings isn't something she is very good at.
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