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Feeling frustrated. Been having technical probs with my printer and computer. Trying to free up disk space, make things a bit more speedy, and clean up old unnecessary files. Doing the same in my apartment - cleaning out closets, putting a pile together of the ex's stuff to give to him.

Found a video on my PC yesterday from a trip we took together, just seeing his face made me blue. Plus, I have too much crap on my computer and it's been too long since I got rid of files I don't need. It's so time-consuming!

Plus, getting rid of the physical stuff in my apartment is exhausting and I keep taking breaks, so it feels like I'm getting nowhere - but I want to wipe the slate clean in a lot of ways and get rid of stuff here that reminds me of the marriage. I got fed up yesterday with OKC and disabled my account temporarily.

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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:
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