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I'm 5'2", curvy, double-D's, a little chubby, size 12 pants. Semitic, olive skin that's always darker this time of year when I've been getting lots of sun. Dark brown hair that curls at the ends and hangs just past my shoulders at present. I've never died it but I've shaved it in lots of interesting ways in the paat (chelsea, mohawk). Light brown eyes. Big smile, no tattoos yet.

Gia is a few inches taller than me and curvier -- yowza! Brownish-blondish hair a few inches past her shoulders, bright blue eyes, very pale, lightly freckled. Big, vivid colorful tattoo on her back. Gorgeous full lips. Often furrow-browed but smiles a lot too.

Eric is tall, 6'3" I think, not skinny exactly but slim and muscular. Short brown hair... long enough to ruffle but too short to pull. Sideburns and a goatee. Darker complexioned than Gia but paler than me. Lovely patterns of freckles all over. Several black tattoos spaced out over his limbs. Blue eyes. Smiles more with his eyes than his mouth. Makes the funniest faces when he's nonplussed.

Davis is 6', well built, solid muscle rounded out with softness that you could probably call pudge but not chubbiness. Lean face, despite the softness. Dirty blond mohawk and a goatee, no tattoos yet. Pink skin, pale in places and sun burnt in others, blue eyes. Very animated in both his face and his body.

Bee is a baby and looks like a baby. He has blue eyes.

All of my loves have blue eyes, I hadn't noticed that before.
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