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Had a REALLY nice chat with hubs tonight.

We are good. I am good. He was much better after the weekend at the beach... a little rejuvenation!

We talked a lot about planning a vacation for when he gets home. i think we're going to take a cruise, which will be nice... time to reconnect and hang out and no responsibilities.

Overall it was a really nice time... we got to reconnect a little. I told him about my little journey to become my independent self-- which is going really well. We also talked about me not overloading him with my silliness anymore. I have a counselor and friends... unless we have something to discuss and deal with he doesn't have to hear every stray thought I have. And... we also talked about going to couples counseling after he gets back. I think we're mostly on the same track now, which is nice.

We didn't really talk about him and his GF. I told him I'm really OK with it now, I'm past whatever BS I had about it... so possibly in the future, but if not, i'm good with that too.

So yay!
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