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One other thing I wanted to say. Don't feel guilty for wanting a physical connection! You say you're worried about "what it makes you" to want sex just for sex's sake. Um, human? As long as you're being safe, kind, considerate, and attentive to your own feelings and needs as well as those of your partners... what's wrong with a little promiscuity? Similarly, be careful not to be too quick to judge your friend for her hickeys, as long as she's not being careless with herself or others. That's my take on the matter, anyway. For some people sex is purely a love-only thing, for others it's important that they at least feel a friendly bond with a sex partner, and some just need it to be safe, sane and consensual. As has been pointed out earlier in the thread, what makes us poly is that we're open to the idea of love.
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