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So it turns out at this time it's still too expensive for Seamus to make the trip. He might be able to afford one seat but he needs to buy two (because he's big) and can't afford that.

I took an appointment with the US embassy in France to see if I could get a tourist visa to spend a bit of time in the US before the divorce is finalised. The appointment is in August, I'll let you know how it goes. The main problem is having to prove I intent to go back to France. I do, but how do I prove it? They say a job or property would be good ways too, but I don't have either. I want to go back to France because I want to do things right and legally, and I have no tangible proof of that, really.
A friend suggested I register for a course, problem is they start in September until May, so I'd be living in the middle of the course, which makes it hard to argue it's my incentive to come back.

I'm thinking of maybe mentioning getting back to France to divorce, or to vote for the upcoming election in 2012... But I'm kind of out of ideas at this point.

Speaking of the divorce, Raga got home from his month-long vacation yesterday, and he wanted to wait until his return to deal with the divorce stuff, so hopefully it won't be long now before everything is taken care of, paperwork-wise (we'll still need to wait until December before the divorce is official).
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