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Thank you gang for the responses! I will definitely read up on some of the blogs and terms on here, as I don't know that much just yet And to RedPepper, you are so right when you mention what I need to do with my time. I actually find that a little hard to deal with right now. Missing my wife while she is away. I kind of joke around with her about the fact that I am cool with them dating, being intimate, whatever. But I need to not miss her as much, and try to keep myself busy

My wife has a crummy work schedule right now. She works 80 hours in one week, and then has the next week off. So she can only see him every other week as it is. So she will see him prob 2-3 days out of that week that she is off. They have a weekend away planned in 2 weeks to go see some friends out of state as well. And she just asked him yesterday, and he called today as well, about coming over here to meet me and our son. So sometime in August is the plan for that. He mentioned staying for the weekend or something, I'm very cool with that, I'm not exactly sure what we will tell our son just yet...Prob that he is a good friend just visiting. But all in all, this is looking good. And boy it is fun

Hope this isn't rambling too much, Sometimes I get excited and want to type everything I'm thinking, lol. I'll keep tabs on this site if I have any questions, or just to share more with you.
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