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Originally Posted by RobertCourage View Post
It was all about fun and sex. Rule was if there were feelings developing (during threesome or outside of threesone) she was to tell me immediately so it would be able to be addressed. It's not like we didnt talk about the risk. We did. And we had an agreement. Instead of adhering to that agreement she chose to keep her feelings a secret And worse, pull away from me.
And again I ask, as I did earlier in the thread, why it is perfectly fine to you for another man to use your wife's body to get off, but not to love and care about her? Why do you approve of her being a wet slit for fucking, but not a person who wants and needs love and passion? Do you see how that could be a way of looking at her as your property, and nothing more than a sex toy to be passed around? There's a dichotomy there, when you "allow" one but not the other, and I think perhaps there's important information in there for you to consider. She has to look at her part, of course, and why she went along with that. But you encouraged it, yet wonder why she wants an escape hatch from her life.

FYI, I pose these questions not as a criticism but as a way to look at what elements you may have contributed. We must always ask ourselves the tough questions in order to gain clarity and insight. If knowledge is power, self-knowledge is... everything!
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