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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
This sort of thing does not make sense to me because (aside from what Imaginary Illusion said about having bigger problems than the 12-hour editing policy) if someone finds and reads it and then you delete it, that doesn't change the fact that they read it. Also, anything that is found in a google search can be read in the google cache for quite some time after ward, so even if you people delete their post from the forum, it could still be found and read.

This brings another interesting phenomenon to mind: people who are afraid of having their posts discovered by the people you're writing about... and afraid that those people will be mad that you wrote about them... But you already think these people are searching for your internet activity on Google. This is quite a convoluted communication dynamic. It sounds sort of stalkerish in a way... Just an observation.
I didnt mean I wanted to delete it AFTER they read it.........that would be silly. Just wanted to know if after a week or so I could delete a post to REMOVE the chance that they would eventually find it *if* they went looking. That's all.
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