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Originally Posted by Imapolygirlmaybe View Post
WOW SOUNDS LIKE ME. The days I know they are having just "them" time I DO NOT text him at all. Nothing. I have gone days without talking to him at all because I knew they were having their time together.
Yeah, and I was really REALLY frustrated when I wrote that.

I've had to let it go. I now know why she does it... and I've let go of the frustration about it. It's not my issueto deal with. It IS, however, because of deeper issues/insecurities/needs, so I agree that there's most likely a lot of issues your BFs wife has about you and him together that she is not dealing with. Hopefully in time she will... but the first step is admitting what's going on and then taking a good hard look at it.

I will say that I myself have been having some issues and conflicts between what I WANTED to be okay with and was okay with intellectually, but emotionally having pain in regards to it. My brain was saying "yeah, that's fine" and my body was saying "this sucks, I hate it make it stop!" I had to acknowledge the pain, and let it happen in order for it to pass. Stuffing it down inside doesn't help-- it just festers and then comes out in some crazy-making way.

If nothing else, I've had to just be good with things for my hubs' sake. He doesn't need her blowing up his phone AND me whining about it.

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