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We've finally been able to arrange for everybody to meet each other, and had a chance to hang out quite a bit right away. Everybody is getting along well! I'm so happy with the whole situation.. I can't believe how easily this whole thing has progressed. Both of the original couples were monogamous for many years, and then sexually open for a time, but I believe none of us seriously considered polyamory until my girlfriend and I met each other (3,5 months ago). But throughout the whole experience, there have been only few moments of discomfort, and fealousy has been non-existent. Moreover, there have been so very many moments of happiness and enjoyment and connectedness, for everyone involved. I truly feel grateful, happy and fulfilled. <3

Some situations that come to mind which I've just LOVED, which are only possible in poly dynamic:
- Walking with everybody hand in hand in hand in hand (wait, how many hands are there? )
- My girlfriend and my husband teasing me together about stuff I do in a relationship (like 'stealing' clothes )
- My girlfriend and husband spontaneously hugging each other when she left the last time; it just fills me with joy that they are already so comfortable with each other!)

I would say I'm living a dream, except I've never even dreamt of these kinds of things. Life certainly can bring you wonderfully unexpected things <3.
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