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Let me just say, as someone who has attended cons and other geeky events for most of her life, they are just about the worst place for guys to try to pick up girls, since they're so heavily male. When I'm at a con I basically just deflect all male attention because my experience is that it comes so fast and furious that it takes far less energy to just completely ignore it. I'm not saying you shouldn't try, just don't be too surprised at your results! You might actually do better with your wife along.

Or try other stuff, like volunteer activities (a lot of women volunteer, especially for environmental causes)... I know you said you're isolated where you're at, so I know that getting out there is easier said than done, but you gotta do itm And remember the cardinal rule for not being creepy... you can't be too focused on whether or not you form the sort of connection (sexual, romantic, whatever) you want with the person you're interacting with! That may sound like a difficult trick in your position, but people can smell over-focus and get quickly wigged out. Good luck!!
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