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Originally Posted by RobertCourage View Post
She wants time to be herself and not answer to anyone. That's what she told me.
I'm going to judge her now, according to this new information^^:

Well, la-dee-da. I want "time to myself" and to not have to "answer to" anyone too. I had that once, when I spent 30 days in a psychiatric hospital. Oh but i forgot, I DID have to answer to "anyone".

How I do wish I could spread my wings and fly away! Away, away, away from all the oppressive things in my life that my husband's ample paycheck has been so generously providing for me all these years! It's just cramping my style!

What, you ask? Of course I expect to still reap the benefits of said ample paycheck while I find my true self and eschew the weight of my adult responsibilities! And in order to do so, I must leave now and go have sex with my 10-years-younger "hipster" man-child-friend!

This is something that only wealthy people get to do. It is not something the rest of us have the privilege of doing. Oh damn. There goes the dreaded "p" word (privilege). Well, I guess rich people have problems too. I just keep forgetting.

Seriously, you'd better get her on here to give us her side of the story. I have quite an imagination, and when you add alcohol to that, there's no telling where this might end up eventually.
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