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Default Introverts: HELP!

Hey, folks.

I'm introverted and almost a month into a living arrangement with my partners, my metamour, and the five kids in the house (one of whom is mine.) I'm coming from being a single mother to that one child, and I can honestly say that life as a single parent afforded me more me-time than I have now, which I never would have imagined, and it's wearing on me IMMENSELY!

I work full time (about 45-50 hours/week), then come home and have my share of childcare, cleaning, cooking, and laundry on any given night. The weekends are completely consumed by family time, housework, and errands. Oh, yeah, and then there's the relationships, somewhere in there.

Any ideas? I am going completely insane, I'm so drained. I need time to myself, but I don't know how to get that, here, without feeling guilty for not doing housework when other people are, taking care of kids when other people have been all day, or participating in relationship-building when there's a spare minute. HELP!
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