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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Why? So they can prescribe? That's not always best. I think it's the rapport, methodology, and caring of the therapist that is most important. You can have very intense and healing therapy without medication.
I understand you point, NYC, perhaps you might consider mine. Don't leave anything off the table. Perscription meds, homeopathic remedy, another therapist...

I personally do not like medications, but I know for some they help. (If a doctor throws pills at you as a fix, be very careful though--pills may be easy, but they're often not an answer just a leg up while addressing the real problems.)

The worst therapist I ever had was a psychiatrist. The best was a psychologist. But that doesn't mean I should let that personal anecdotal evidence bias my suggestions when offering ideas as to what might help RC's wife.

My concern is that no matter how much RC's wife adores her therapist, if wifey is still going off the deep end, then perhaps the therapist is not as effective as needed. RC joining in some sessions is a good start and may be all that's needed, but let's not be blind to the idea that wifey might benefit from a change or tactics.
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