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Obvoiusly we are both seakers or a third.

Originally Posted by Gypsy View Post

What kind of business do you have? Myself, have a mining company extracting gold from the ground and selling membership for members to prospect on our claims to recover gold and other values. Next business is a store selling over a million products and the unique part is it is on wheels. Then there is a production company major in making movies etc. Then Paranormal work as in ghost hunting. All in all it keeps me busy but still seek a good girl that can keep up with me and all my activities. Brought up in your neighborhood but don't care for all the cold and white stuff so moved to the southwestern part of New Mexico, Arizona and California as all three are my homes. I too, have a place in each tho my motor homes and store and all my vehicles move to the next place as desired.
Obvoiusly we are both seakers or a third.
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