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Originally Posted by sagency View Post
Consider a psychiatrist rather than a psychologist.
Why? So they can prescribe? That's not always best. I think it's the rapport, methodology, and caring of the therapist that is most important. You can have very intense and healing therapy without medication.

Mine was a very experienced therapist but not a doctor - she has an MSW. But when she told me she wanted me to take antidepressants, I found a psychiatrist to prescribe, and just saw him for med management. The meds (SSRIs) were not good for me, though, and I stopped taking them. Instead, I went to the health food store and began taking 5-HTP, which the doc also approved of as an alternative. Much better results! But I discovered that remedy through a professor of mine who is a clinical psychologist and recommended it to me.

My point is, there are wonderful therapists out there who are not shrinks (my therapist from years ago was a Reverend and the best I ever could've asked for - saw him for about 6 or 7 years). If you haven't seen good results with her current one, ask for recommendations from people you know.
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