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Ari, I can understand that aspect of it, the control thing. Knowing that Shorty could so easily overpower me was a turn-on when he did things like hold me down and shove me around on the bed (he's even bigger than you are).

But if he started kissing my shoes it would have grossed me out! What I want to know is if the act of someone kissing your shoes actually, in that moment, makes a woman wet or a guy hard. I'm more interested in the arousal part of it.

I find it hard to believe, but maybe it's just because I am not turned on by that. I recently blindfolded my new beau and cuffed him to my headboard while I kissed, nibbled, and licked him all over, but I was turned on physically by his reaction/enjoyment, not the blindfold or cuffs. Does my question make sense?

Edit: Okay, NK, the way you put it makes sense and of course I've heard of fetishes - but I wanted to know if it was more of a mental turn-on or an actual physical response. I was watching an episode of Strange Sex and there was a guy who has a balloon fetish and they said he actually orgasms at that moment when the big balloon he blows up pops. However, that's the only way the guy can cum, and we were feeling sorry for him because of that.
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