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All I want is someone who is fairly local and has time to see me a few times a month, and keep in reasonable touch the rest of the time. Dating a single man can be easier from a logistical standpoint, but I'd happily date someone married or attached as long as their partner was on board and willing to tell me so to my face. My last secondary partner was married when we were together, and my first one was married when I met him, although he and his wife separated soon after.

At present, I'd probably opt for happily married or attached over single if I had my druthers, because I lost my last sweetie to monogamy when his marriage fell apart, and I see that possibility as much greater if the person is already single.

I do have someone poly and local right now who says he's interested in a relationship with me. We've met twice, initially at a speed dating thing and then, a couple of months later, for lunch. That one lunch date was scheduled and rescheduled numerous times because he is SO busy. I don't think he's even communicated with me once a week since I met him. He appears to be overwhelmed with attending to his two female live-in partners (neither of them is his wife) and his social life in general. He has no job at present and it won't get better once he finds one, I'm sure. Needless to say, I'm writing him off. I've met a lot of what I call "no-time guys" in the local poly community and that just won't suit me.

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