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I am indepentend, was seen as a bit rebelious even at times. But that is my part; if my family would be against me in this matter I wouldn't buckle and stay true to what I believe is right but it would make me sad to lose them one the way. I have always done what seems best and right to me, but I love harmony and if possible I would love to go with the happy family concept than leading the lone wolf lifestyle.

But I would hate to cause problems for Lin or Sward. And Lin's situation is a bit complicated. He had to stay home and therefore has been dependent on them during the last years. Around his early 20s he set up a company that he couldn't keep when his health condition deteriorated and he moved in with them again. This strained his family quite a bit and he hates the actual situation. As I had mentioned his pride, he hates the thought of "I owe them one", staying home as a grown up due to hospital bills that keep devouring his income. Luckily this will change in November if the therapy ends well *keeps her fingers crossed*.
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