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Ah! Hi NYCindie,

thanks for reading and asking

Ah yes, maybe some descriptions and details will help. I am 28 and will turn 29 in October. Lin's birthday was during the first visit, he is already 29 and Sward turned 30 in February. I don't know if the emphasis on family stuff made us look older or younger, wondering about that at the moment

Family is a big part of my everyday life as well as it is for Sward and Lin. Neither Lin nor I can hold a candle to Sward in this regard, he is the one who wanted to have a 'football team' right from the start when we first talked about children. I will never allow that much, but we feel ready for the start at last.

What mainly got us to wait this long were financial issues that will be solved during the time period we set (1-2 years). I was taking too long to actually find a field of work that was suitable for me, but now I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think it was BlackUnicorn who mentioned (in my first thread) the financial benefits of a household consisting of more than two and we had to admit that this could be a real plus for our future.
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