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To clarify, M is not my wife. Here are the four characters in my life...

Me - Me, straight male poly an in open relationship, now married
Wife - Bi female poly in an open relationship, now married (to me)
The Unicorn - Bi female poly formerly in a triad with my wife and I, left us because she was concerned she was going to break up my wife and I despite the fact that our relationship was actually without any drama or jealousy and was even stronger with her balancing things out. Now just a friend who still has strong feelings for the both of us and comes over to hang out and throw huge waves of UST at the both of us. Yay.
"Miss M" - Straight female ex-mono, now embracing the poly lifestyle (perhaps too vigorously). Years ago, was almost the other side of a vee, with me as the hinge, but decided she could not handle it. Married a borderline autistic guy who verbally abused her and was emotionally distant. Now divorced and has decided she DOES want to be poly, just not with me. Direct contact with her and her awakening polyamory has caused me to reembark on my own quest for a more active, full poly lifestyle, but has also made me question if I may just be trying to get more action.

Other than that, I appreciate the fact that I'm not the only poly who also sucks at dating (no offence). A part of it is that my self-confidence has taken a lot of serious hits over the last few years (I believe the term 'repeatedly shattered' came up in therapy once... from the therapist) and while I may apparently still be awesome and sexy, I no longer see myself as awesome and sexy, so I have a hard time accepting that others see me that way (including my wife, much to her frustration). I'm working on it though.
Straight poly guy in an open marriage to a very special bi poly lady. We miss our unicorn, and really need to make some better friends.
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