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Thanks BEV What a feat to read all of it! Wow!

So this was a great weekend. I spent a little time with everyone including PN's family. His aunt had a BBQ party at her house with lots of family that I had not met before. It was great to meet them after 10 years of marriage to PN. Most of them were from out of town visiting or just not been around. I finally got to put some faces to names.

I really appreciated PN's mum at the event. The whole family knows about Mono living with us and why now... except the old timers that no one wanted to stress out. There are more than a few that have a strong opinion about me and about PN and about our marriage and about Mono... but PN's mum rises above all that. She made a big fuss over my being an amazing daughter in law and how much she loves me and how she is so pleased that I am in her life. I was grateful to hear it, but also that she said it in front of people there. Not only that, its really obvious that PN and I are fine and doing well. No one could really deny that we aren't a great team and getting on well, including LB who was also there...

We went to the anniversary party of a local poly family this weekend also. She has become quite famous in terms of the polygamy trial a few months back and I always enjoy being with them as they live in a similar situation to us but are publically out. LB is too young yet for us to feel as if we can take on the law at this point in time. Not to mention Mono's concerns about his daughter.

The woman in this family has become some what of a mentor of mine. I admire her greatly on many levels and am honoured to of been invited to acknowledge their anniversary. I was also honoured that she thought to consult me on some things going on for her and that she talked openly about some things I might want to be involved in. I feel somewhat humbled in her presence and was greatly pleased that she would think of me in such high regard enough to confide in me.

I got a number of texts this weekend from various poly friends all over. Its always so great to hear how people are doing and what they are doing. I am touched that anyone would text me to let me know how things are going for them in certain circumstances.

I went to a fun party last night where I got to dom a young man for about five seconds... I wondered how Mono would respond so I ended the encounter quickly. There were photos taken and I was being watched the whole time.... one of my friends commented on how I seem to dominate all men who are near me... it was enough for Mono to leave the room and I decided I should go after him. There was a time that I wouldn't even notice and would carry on being myself and having fun until later when I would find out that he was hurt and angry with me... I am poly, I didn't get what was going on for him and would often be confused that he would think it inappropriate. I guess I have learned... still, it made me kind of sad. I REALLY ENJOYED domming that boy He was a compatible subbie that's for sure.

I know that I must be careful to not offend or push Mono though as he is mono and doesn't appreciate that I can quite easily fall into a moment with someone else. I was proud of myself for having respect for his boundaries. With PN this wouldn't of been even something that we would discuss... it just is how it is and he happily goes about connecting with people on the same level but in a different way. Having been married to him for so long, I was used to that... now I am finally used to Mono, even if it makes me feel as if I am pushing down something that is natural to me in order to be with him. Ah well, he is still worth it over anyone else and that is what I keep checking in about.

I had a lovely date with my beautiful Derby. She looked gorgeous when she arrived today. Grumpy, but gorgeous Things have been hard for her lately and I am glad that our date was a bit of respite in all that. The play we saw was good and we got to have a coffee in a different part of the city than she is used to. It was like a short holiday for both of us. Both of us came away smiling and lighter I think.

Big burlesque summer show coming up next Saturday. I took time out tonight to spend with PN and have some lovin' then I made some pasties and blinged a pair of sunglasses for the show while watching a doc of bees with Mono. I got laid twice today and was thinking about those women that feel all whatever that is, pride? when they have sex with two men in one day. I don't get that any more. It kind of boggles me. I guess I get that feeling when I get to spend intimate time with Derby as we don't get that often.... in a way I am actually glad because I get to have that feeling after.
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