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In my experience, it seems the younger people are, the more likely they are to text constantly instead of normal, human conversation.

It seems to me that hubby is part of the issue in that he hasn't set a boundary with wife. If she texts, fine, but his replies just reinforce the behavior. If it's important, call. If not, don't expect a reply until later.

On some level, this overall story concerns me. I just get a vibe that wife is not ok but playing along because she feels like she has to. Constant texting could be a way in her view that's an acceptable lash out without admitting that she's bugged. Simply put, I think everyone needs to be more direct and make sure all are on the same page and that they have boundaries and stick to them.

As is, it sounds like you're getting only the inches of ground she begrudgingly concedes, and that's not a long-term plan.

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