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ZD, keeping score is a common impulse but not a wise one.

Poly folk tend to define poly in terms of wanting emotional connection and relationships with others. It sounds like the booth babe would qualify as more of a swinger or--perhaps a tad harshly--a tease. Some folks like to use the label poly because they think it's more palpable than swinger. As for her "successes" versus yours, I've found the conventions you mention tend to be seething pools of poorly directed hormones. For a willing, vaguely passable girl, it's like shooting fish in a barrel--large fish in a small barrel at that.

It sort of sounds like you need a course on flirting and innuendo plus more confidence in just putting yourself out there. Don't get all wrapped up in the end game--emotional connection and a relationship--when the kickoff is about fun and trying new things. Heck, if you and M get along, you might even ask her to help you become a better flirt. Maybe she'll help, maybe not, and maybe she'll get to know you better in the process.
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