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Talking The first family is on board

Seems as if I was right in judging the reaction of Lin's family as shallow. It just had to ease down a bit. Lin talked to his mother yesterday and finally there was interest and immediate acceptance even. At least as far as the mother is concerned. She had already made up her mind (I mean, there had been a hickey on Lin's neck after I left) but wasn't sure if I cheated on my husband. Fortunately one of the daily soaps on TV had broached the issue of polyamorous relationships recently, because of this she even knew what was meant by a v-type relationship I usually never watch TV series but this time it came in handy.

She went to such lengths as to invite me to the annually Christmas family get together on Boxing Day (the only meeting that exists in their family). I was really astonished. It was mentioned in a more roundabout way that maybe, it would be better to come alone this year because of some of the older people there who would fall out of their worlds when confronted with my husband as well.

The older sister of the two was the one who was most uncomfortable with the developments, she was concerned about the possible reputation loss if this would be made public. Well, Lin never considered her to be supportive of the idea, therefore we weren't surprised. But she greeted me via web-cam when she came into his room later that evening. We will see if there are problems up ahead.

The youngest brother was left speechless when he heard the news. It collided with his world view big time as it seems. I don't think that he will have problems in the long run, but he seems to have to stomach things first.

Sward contacted the younger sister on FB, sending her a friend request along the lines of: “Hello Lin's sister, this is the husband of the girlfriend of your brother. I wanted to say 'Hi' to nourish our blooming family bonds and lay the foundation for good connections in the future. Greetings, Sward.” The mother and the sister laughed when they read the comment and recognized how strange the description sounded on the first note. But really liked the idea.

Everything went so smooth. Again! I kind of doubt such a good development when it comes to my or Sward's family, but we will see. The coming out there will be much later as plans are now. But I am happy that Lin didn't get into problems because of it and that I will attend the big get-togethers around Christmas with Sward's, Lin's and my family. I just love those occasions
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