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Oh that's the reason I have not just walked away because I do see that she is trying and in some ways things are so much better. There are still a few things that irritate me though and I find myself resenting her because of certain actions.

He has to ask each time before we have sex and that infuriates me. We really have honestly stuck to the once a week thing but it MAKES ME ANGRY that he has to ask permission like he is five. This leaves ZERO spontanity for us. He says he just does that as a kind gesture to her. He says that she didnt tell him he had to but if he is here and things get hot, if he has not asked her we don't have sex. PERIOD. I hate this and I am trying to just deal with it. I want to talk to her about the whole POLY thing but it's tough. I don't even think he has actually said the poly word to her. She knows we have a relationship but I believe that she wants it to remain the way that it is. Her having control over when/how/why etc and me sitting here waiting around all the time. IT drives me batty. I only THINK that and I could be totally wrong.

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Sorry just read your last post. It defintaly sounds like she is adjusting. Especialy if she didn't text after he talked to her. Sounds like she wasn't aware it was an issue. Some people can't put themselves in that spot and realise it. That's where the communication comes in. Im sure it's hard to be so restricted, but your patience will pay off if she really is trying.
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