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Yes, that's what we've decided for now -to cut the touch back to brief hugs of greeting. My friend will visit tomorrow or the next day, and my husband will be here. I really want my husband to see him as a person (they share quite a lot of interests) and not just a shadow on edge of his marriage. It will be a brief visit, and then it will likely be weeks before we see each other again.

On Labor Day weekend I have plans to attend (if I'm well) a dance camp with my daughter, and this friend will be there. My husband and I discussed this before I signed up, and I gave him up until the registration deadline to change his mind before I sent it in. But I'm sure we'll be talking about it again between now and then. I figure with my 8 yr old along, I won't have too many opportunities to get into sticky situations, but I'm looking forward to a chance to spend a good chunk of time together having clean fun.

And my husband has promised me a massage tonight.
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