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If I were you, truthfully, I would let go of massages as the point of contention here. I would step back from letting your friend massage you, and consider seeing a professional for that. This way, you will not feel deprived of healing touch, but you will still have the deliciousness of other aspects of your friendship with the other man. I would just let your friend know that you won't be sharing that kind of touch again. I'm sure holding hands would be fine, no?

Anyway, invest in what is possible rather than focusing on whatever you're not allowed to have, which is going to make things more difficult with your husband. For now. It's only been several weeks, you wrote, since you've met this man. There is so much possibility in front of you. As your relationship with your new friend deepens on an emotional level, and you have more time working within your husband's preferences for boundaries, he will see how much he can trust you and he may eventually relax his boundaries and allow for massages or more intimate touch.
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