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You know if he were 30 I would understand getting ticked off. But correct me if I'm wrong-he still IS young enough to have a right to be immature.....

So correct him with love and patience so he SEE'S and feels the care of women and maybe he'll change his mind.
Or he can be treated like crap here by more women and concrete his perception?

It's true dear that it's not really fair to judge every woman by the girls you've been hooked up with. You are way to young to claim that many women have broken your hearts, girls-sure I can believe that, but not women.

As a girl I was a dumb ass bitch. Seriously didn't understand that the things I did, said and thought really weren't on track. But as I grew up and matured I became a much more caring and sincere person.

Give yourself time to mature and when you start atracting women in their 30s you'll start finding that those silly girls who are acting like idiots will become women who regret their dumb young antics.

Sorry your gf acted like a sleeze. Sorry for you and more sorry for her-it always comes back to haunt a person. But what she does after you break up-well it's not about you or on your shoulders, so let it go, move on and look for a real woman.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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