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Originally Posted by ourquad View Post
I agree with your counselor, I wouldn't want to get rid of these boxes. The hurts they hold were some of the absolute worst I've ever endured but, they have made me the person I am. And I am rather proud of the measurable distance we've come when I view them now.
You can say that again quad! I know exactly what you mean. I have a little box in my mind and there was a time when opening it was more then I could handle. Then I got to a point where the lid could be cracked and one step at a time I found myself where I am today-which is a place where I know I can safely peer inside with pride that the amount of growth I've made since those pains were controlling my life is amazing and worth a good amount of deserved self-confidence.

I can't wait to see Maca reach that point (not trying to rush him), he's a good man and he deserves to see himself the way I see him. I daresay that RedPepper feels so about Mono as well-hoping he see's himself the way she can see him. It's hard to see someone you know is SO worthy feel like they might not be! But it's SO amazing when you get to see your love for them reflected and know that they finally love themselves that much too!
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