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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Excellent point! In order to run a blog about your alternative personal lifestyle choices, like The Polyamorous Misanthrope does, you've got to be pretty darn open and unconcerned about society's judgements to begin with, so it does stand to reason that the woman who runs it would be more willing to mention a mental illness than she might be if she ran a blog about, say, knitting or auto repair. Heck, the poly lifestyle is practically based on talking about things that most people would choose to sweep under the rug rather than acknowledge.
That is a great point, except I am not sure if it really rings true.

Every person who I have known in a 'dating' setting regarding poly, has been openly poly, but hid their condition/issue/diagnosis until the last possible moment. Usually only when I have seen signs, and outright asked them, have I then been told the truth.

Someone identifying as polyamorous, is not going to have a problem talking about polyamory with other polyamorous people. As it is seen as a positive by both parties.
Take the same two people who identify as poly, but only one has a mental illness, and that party will then be hesitant to express their condition.


As for studies,... Well, any study/poll is subject to variables and differences that don`t hold to the conditions of the study. The point is, to see if you find those particular circumstances applicable to your own experience.
If not, you use it as food for thought, and carry forward.
If so, it tends to stay a bit more ingrained into your life management.

..and..back to work again.
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