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Smile Poly family in WV

Hi everyone!

Ok, so the eastern panhandle of WV is not exactly a hillbilly haven, but it *is* rare to meet any poly people (or even to find someone that knows what it is...)
My name is Sage and my family currently includes my DH, and two boys, a dog and a cat (and a mortgage and a mini van... we're so Vanilla from the outside!!! ) I have been poly since I met Luke (8 years ago) and have had successful LTR/LDR with many variations over the years. Currently neither of us has any "others" due to most of them getting married to monogamous people (what is up with that, anyway?).
I would love to add to our family (Luke would as well), tho we are not looking for a hot bi babe or anything... I'd like to have a friend that also Loves Luke (FMF V) and since we have kids we would love for any relationship to be more of an integrated relationship. I love kids and animals, farming, local food, socializing... I love to sew and cook, but I'm also a trained plumber with a degree in social work, so keep an open mind. Luke has been working as a regional truck driver but is now in school studying agriculture, he likes to build and work with wood. Our dream is to sell the house and move to New England, buy land and farm/homestead/live well.
Our family currently lives about an hour and half from either DC or Baltimore (depending on which way you head east). I would love to meet and hang out with other poly couples, make friends and possibly fall in love with people that fit easily.

Hope that's not too much for an intro.
Be well,
Bi, Poly, Switch... and I probably won't sleep with you.
Loving mama to two boys (so far), wishing to share our love and home with like-minded loves.

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