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Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, you switch to Google+!

I'm still exploring and figuring things out with it but so far I'm loving it!

It's google's answer to Facebook. There are absolutely NO apps or games to clutter up my feed or waste my time, you have circles of friends and if you post to one circle the others do NOT see what you posted, enter means NEXT LINE not post, you can voice/video conference with up to ten people at a time (called hangout, btw) and it's super easy to add someone to a circle, or more than one.

I have plenty of invites available if anyone wants one . Just send me a pm with your email (not sure if it works with non-gmail addresses but there's only one way to find out). They've been having problems with lost invites recently but I think I get MORE invites the more people I invite.

When I joined FB had the open relationship option as well. I just can't figure out how to get only certain people to see what I've posted *shrug*, with Google+ that idiosyncrasy seems to have been solved.
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