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Hi All
As always, excellent comments. You give us much to think about, which was part of what we were looking for.

The other part was practical examples of how others decide what to do with whom.

It seems that with a V like we have, with RBR as the hinge and E and Rider as the two sides, there is going to be overlap in activities (RBR doing something with one side of the V that the other side would have wanted to do with her instead.) A particular problem with annual events!

How does the hinge decided what to do with whom and when? It seems like a stressful spot to consantly ask her to chose between us....

We're looking for practical examples of how others have solved these issues to help us better understand what would be good for us....

Thanks in advance!
married, heterosexual male currently in an a newly opened relationship; married to RunBabyRun
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