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Originally Posted by maca View Post
I could start a thread but Im sure no one wants to hear about my childhood and my mistrust of women and ppl in general.

I just want to be happy with myself and be able to be open and honest with the ppl around me.If for some reason this marriage or poly arrangement dosent work I still want to be able to be a healthier and more approachable loving man.

Thanks for the king words, Maca.
I went to counseling after I made serious mistakes that ruined my marriage and family. I found great insight and growth through seven months of intense sessions and only stopped when I was told I had taught my counselor something, which was his gauge of my progress. I continued my growth and understanding of myself through self analysis, being alone and certainly through my love for Redpepper. I would not be as far along as I am without her.

Please do tell us your might be surprised who you might help and in the process I guarantee you you will help yourself. That is what this forum has done for me. It gave me a medium to share and explore in depth who I am and how I work.

Take care

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