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So I did it. I said I was going over to Lovers, for no reason but to be with him for the night. Amazingly I had been making town trips and other excuses to bury the real reason I was going over there. Well I didn't blatantly say hey I need mad hard core sex either.

Yesterday, I asked lover if I could spend the night. He laughed and said he wasn't going to complain. I told Jewell I set it up. Then I worked really hard to get all my chores done. Not for getting done. No, from my heart I helped Jewell with the night routine. I helped hay the goats, feed the dogs, care for the rabbits. I made a quick yummy dinner. I bathed the kids. Funny how amazing you can feel as a 20 month old clings on to you like you are some magic world blocking force field. For a moment you really feel you are. With both kids quiet and in bed Jewell walks me out to the truck and kisses me goodbye.

I had Adell Rolling in The Deep play and it almost gave me a guilt trip induced heart attack. I quickly reminder I am not cheating. Helping the kids with their night routine took a lot of the homesickness out of me. I got my kisses, and hugs. So, I find another station, and carry on. 10:38 I arrive at his place and honk. He's just barley gotten into bed. He got up to greet me. As soon as I am in he wastes no time undressing me. I quickly climbed into bed with him. As we dozed off exhausted he rolls his fingertips like rain slowly up and down my body. Sometimes we even hold hands as we doze. I have woken up hours later to find us still hand in hand.

The morning is a usual one. He is up first smoking and listening to the radio. I lure him back to bed for seconds. We did our chores , ate breakfast, and as we were readying for a shower I even got thirds. I feel like it may be a day before I can stop grinning or sit right.

The shower was awesome. He took his time slowly washing every inch of my body. The appreciation, the joy, the love, was all bared and he wasn't afraid to show it. I massaged his back, and even did my special thing to show him my strong attachment. As we dressed I found the necklace that the bed had eaten. I packed up. I kissed him multiple times. I laughed as he told he me how bad he needed a nap. I traced his face one last time before bowing out.

I slow danced with Jewell with no music except our own. I burned the crap out of dinner. Ah, now just cuddle with the kids and watch a movie.
I make the letter V. I am married to my wife Jewel (MtoF) for 8 years. Adopted into our family is my Sextoy/SSO (Straight Male).--Not living together.

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