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Specifically with respect to the quote:

"But this internal seesaw is driving me nuts".

You are not alone in feeling the agony of seesawing feelings. (nicely put by the way!) My emotional swings were almost like a physical assault that I could not push aside;

“Was this what I wanted? OMG this is incredible! Jeezuz am I'm going to hurt her; she's going to hurt me! I love this so much!”

The one emotion that never wavered was just how much I loved her. Eventually, through much communication, I decided to give myself completely to our relationship. This involved oblivious trust, which I have never given before. I opened my heart and soul to receive as much of her as she can give and to give her as much in return. We are completely vulnerable to each other..and are completely confident in the strength of our trust, compassion and love for each other.

In short..mood swings are normal, expected and should be discussed as soon as possible if the issue can be identified that is..sometimes it's just a feeling, I know.

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