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Smile Hidden in Plain Sight

We are not open to anyone in our area due to our jobs and family. Our adult sons know about our friends and accept it. Our teenager knows we have friends, but not the sexual side of the friendship. Our older sons put it together on their own at a certain age and we did not deny it. I have recently told a close girlfriend and she is unfamiliar with the life style and considered my dates cheating until I explained that no one was lying or being lied to. She still asks questions but is slowly getting the idea that it is a viable alternative to the basic cheating most married people do. I would prefer to tell no one until I am sure they would not use it against me or tell just for fun. Take your situation into account before divulging info to anyone you are not sure you can trust.
Anything simple always interests me. It is the ability to choose that makes us human. I choose to live honestly and with love in my life.
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