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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I think some people secretly hope the people they are talking about will find their posts and read about themselves, especially during the heat of a crisis. Then, when the dust settles a bit and things start to go more smoothly, they go "o noez i wrote about it on teh internetz halp meh"
I guess that could be, but I also think that this is a place where you can discuss these topics with people who have experience with them. In real life, if you don't know any poly people, you can't get that experience or acceptance. A conversation is preferably in terms of privacy - the words come out, are exchanged, and then are gone. On the internet, the words come out and are there forever. There is of course the option of conversing via PM on a forum like this, but if you're new like me and haven't really made many connections with the folks here yet, that's not as much of an option, and it's likely one will get more feedback and input by posting on the boards. I just think that sometimes it is a bit discomforting to know that the words you put out there are going to be there forever... in a way I guess it's good, in that you have to really think about what you're going to say, but it is also somewhat limiting. But I guess that's part of the idea.
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