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Well, we enjoyed one day to catch our breath before problems jumped up again.

This time it's around activities. When this started, it was about RBR doing activities with someone else that I couldn't do, or wasn't interested in. But the rub comes when she wants to do things with her boyfriend that I also want to do. I just don't know how to handle that yet.

It's not a meltdown day, but RBR and I are definitely at odds over the situation, and I posted a thread in the New to Poly section with full details and asking for help in how to process and learn from this situation.

I feel like all this battling through these problems is not making our marriage better, it's killing it. I don't want to just pretend I'm ok with everything, but I also don't want to be the bad guy every time I struggle with something. Other people have made it so I'm hoping we do too. Hard to see how at this moment though....
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