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Short Answer : Yes.

I was curious about this too, and did research on it last year. It seems that people diagnosed with Borderline PD / bi-polar / depression / anxiety / OCD and those with histrionic tendencies, tend to be drawn to polyamory. Also a high number of people who are alcohol, or drug dependent.

Where it gets interesting, is figuring out, if they are drawn to poly for the 'wrong' reasons, or that their issues stem from denying themself of living authentically for x-number of years. Jury still seems to be out on that one, as there is very little study into people knowingly living poly lives. One research team, was aiming to track poly couples for up to 5 years. Unfortunately, most poly relationships end long before then.

I don`t have time to find, or leave links, but you can do your own searching.

Ahhh... back to work.
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