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If our conversation goes in this direction tonight, then I plan on calling her. Hubby prefers talking over typing in any form, because he feels that typing is too impersonal for such a matter as this. I would really prefer to just go see her and talk to her, but that just isn't possible with us living so far apart right now.

Hubby just took off for work and A isn't working tonight. A just called me to let me know that she just needs to get home, bathe the angels and put them to bed, then she'll be ready for our nightly chatting session. I'm still waiting for my angels to get home. They went to a wood workers meeting with their grandpa tonight. Something they do together once a month that they really enjoy. We have two boys, ages 12 and 9. A has 3 angels (2 girls, one boy) ranging from 2-5. All 5 of the angels are just the most precious ever and the light of all of our eyes. A's youngest (boy) actually just got hurt the other day. First thing A did, was text me to let me know and then she passed along hugs and kisses from me to him.
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