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Default Sagency's Guide to a Less Screwed-Up Life: Question #1

Life question #1
Is this a level of crazy I'm willing to deal with?

Much of what we face in life is based on our choices. Our choices affect our environment. This is true for us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes the added complication of the crazy is worth it, sometimes it's not. Either way, if you're accepting crazy into your life, do so knowing that the choice is yours.

Example: I've had friends (and family) who were downright toxic to me. As long as I chose to be near those folk, my life was full of unnecessary drama and angst. Sometimes it's their habits that annoy me or incite me to bad things. Sometimes it's their own need for constant drama and angst that threatens my overall chill. Drama and angst was what I knew much of growing up, so I thought it was normal. I eventually learned I could choose to reduce drama and angst (collectively called "level of crazy"). By regulating how much crazy I choose around me, I find that I can be a much more stable person myself and can therefore be more resilient and helpful when the crazy comes looking for me anyway.
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