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Hubby works 10pm-7am, so I'm left at home alone with the kids sleeping. A usually gets off work around 10pm and is then home alone with her kids sleeping. So we chat on FB nearly every night. Hubby broke the ice a little bit this afternoon with a text he sent her that basically said, he values their friendship, has always enjoyed talking with her and hanging out with her, that he's sorry for how things went down and that he regrets that they haven't talked more since (they've talked, but it's all been kept really shallow and basic to "protect" themselves and me). We have both decided that if during A and I's chatting tonight, the conversation starts heading in this direction, I will talk to her. I've already told her that hubby read the text to me when I got home from work this afternoon, and that I'm not upset, hurt, or anything of the sort by it. That all is well and she is free to talk to him. So, hopefully this will help get love in the air. I just really hope that I didn't hurt her to the point that she's not interested anymore.
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